Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Interview with Loren Abbey, author of A Massacre of Innocents


A Massacre of InnocentsTitle: A Massacre of Innocents
Author: Loren Abbey & Pamela Zibura
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: True Crime/Murder
Format: Ebook

In 1952 on a highway in the small Northern California mountain village of Chester, a local businessman and four small children are carjacked, robbed and savagely bludgeoned. Three of the children are killed.

A year earlier, a Folsom gold mine operator had been murdered in a home break-in robbery attempt and five months after the Chester murders, the quiet Southern California city of Burbank is rocked when, during another home break-in, an elderly widow is found bound, gagged and brutally murdered in her own home.

Thus begins the terrifying chronicle of the Mountain Murder Mob’s deadly rampage up, down and through the Golden State—from the gritty back alleyways of the Los Angeles suburbs to the forested foothills of the Northern Sierras—a gang of ruthless killers ply their murderous trade by preying on society’s most vulnerable citizens.

And behind the scenes, the victims’ young wife and mother copes with the grief of a life turned upside down after her heartbreaking loss. Struggling to build a new life for herself and for what now remains of her devastated family, she leans on her unwavering faith and a deep reservoir of inner strength.

A Massacre of Innocents is the previously untold true story of the Mountain Murder Mob’s horrific crimes and how they ultimately paid for those crimes.

How did you come up with the title of your book? 

We wanted the title to define what the content of the book was truly about.

What is your writing environment like? 

A desk and computer.

What are some of the best tools available today for writers? 

We have found the internet to be invaluable in some of the research we had to do for the book.

What inspires you to write? 

Having a fascination with the written word; how these words, in various combinations, can be used to describe a scene or an emotion or to express feelings.

Did you learn anything while writing this book? 

That with a lot of determination,  dedication and hard work that we basically learned how to write a book. It is very rewarding to have a finished product.

What is your favorite quality about yourself? 

Living to be this old and knowing there is still much more to come.

Loren Abbey has been a prolific blogger and contributor to a number of periodicals and trade journals. A former Silicon Valley executive, he is now retired, residing in Roseville, California.

Pamela Zibura is a successful realtor and mother of four grown children, She resides with her husband Tony, in South Carolina near the historic antebellum city of Charleston. A Massacre of Innocents is her first book.

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