Monday, April 24, 2017

Interview with Chris Clouse, author of Making it Home

Inside the Book:

Title: Making it Home
Author: Chris Clouse
Publisher: AuthorHouse 
Genre: Self Help/Personal Growth
Format: Ebook

We are cocreators, both directing and observing this movie called life. So are you cocreating this quest with me! Are you not producing a holographic image of this book, which contains words that we have manifested into time and space together? Like every book, this book, Making It Home, has already been written. The question you should ask is, "What part about these words and this book do I need right now in my life?" If you know the right question-or "quest you are on"-your mind will produce an answer out of the material of life itself, and the book becomes a catalyst for your own story. When you read-and more important, think-about the information in these pages, your chakras will activate, and new cognitions will be created about heaven. This of course depends on one condition: that you have a deep-seated desire to achieve joy, love, and peace in this lifetime.

The Interview

How did you come up with the title of your book?

The title of my book is a play on words, there is a dual meaning to “Making it Home”. I made this discovery when researching my book, and choosing the name crystalized for me the key message of the book.
What is your writing environment like?

I live a busy work and personal life; writing is a passion which I enjoy and therefore my writing environment is very important. What I most enjoy, is finding places where I can be inspired or that are a little luxurious. Much of my initial work was done at my local Yacht Club (I dream of owning a sailboat one day) while taking in the beautiful surroundings. There were two Starbucks coffee shops that I frequented most often. I started my book on an airplane coming back from beautiful Colorado Springs and then finished it on a first-class rail car.
What are some of the best tools available today for writers?

The internet has provided me with two interesting tools. Due to the nature of my book, which involved a dialogue / conversation with a Divine energy, I used a Conference Service for recording conversations into mp3 files. I then used a translation services that transcribed the mp3 files into Word docs. This helped enormously improve the accuracy of my story, and speed with which I could execute my writing plan.
What inspires you to write?

I write for a purpose, to teach what I know, and further expand my knowledge in Spiritual Science. Writing, is me channeling this knowledge and wisdom in a way that further clarifies this purpose. I also take a top-down approach by first articulating this purpose and then planning my book with a rough outline/plan, but not too rigid. In “Making it Home”, I started with a Map of Heaven, then created a story/dialogue that revealed this map in an interesting way.
Did you learn anything while writing this book?

Absolutely! The book is essentially the recorded story of my own spiritual awakening, through seeking answers to important questions that I feel are important for our human evolution in these times. The questions came from deep within, and the answers from a Divine source, which I expanded into a story to understand the underlying spiritual principles. I am still learning, even after the writing experience, because the answers to my questions have mapped out additional growth areas and I have discovered other people and sources that corroborate my experience.
What is your favorite quality about yourself?

I try to be humble, and look at things from multiple perspectives, while keeping an open mind and not letting the current main stream views detract me from trusting the creative process. This makes my material truly creative and original.

About the Author

Chris Clouse leads a full career balancing two professional disciplines while maintaining an active lifestyle with his wife and three kids. In the field of project management, Chris has created Centres of Excellence for two world-class IT organizations. His longtime passion in life has been in the area of spiritual science, for which this book was created. As a certified master life coach, Chris brings his pursuit of excellence and passion into his classes, helping others find their power and purpose

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